Hi, My name is Igal. Nice to meet you.

I'm Igal Schneider, an infinite romantic and Toronto based film photographer.

I started my journey into photography, when my father bought me a Smena 8 camera when I was 9. It wasn't till much later, when I started to understand what I'm doing. Nowadays, I work with different equipment, have more than 15 cameras - from fully manual rangefinders with no light meter, to fully equipped SLRs - and I enjoy them all. 

When going out to a shooting, I usually take two cameras with me, loaded with different speed films - and in most cases, it would be colour and black and white. This allows for more control over the creativity. 

I'm capturing the world around me, my family, and any place we go either for day trip or for a longer vacation.

I'm interested in shooting people of Toronto, making street portraits, while taking notes on who they are and what they up to. If you'd like to participate - make sure to hit the "Contact" link and send me a text or e-mail.

Also, if you would like to buy a signed, full size poster or canvas (up to 40x60 inch) print - please contact me for the price.


All photos on this site are mine, made with equipment I'll mention on the pages.